"Excellent, their services (SMT PCBA, Wire Bonding, Die Attach, Flip-Chip, Handling 50um thin MMIC die, etc.) is clearly outstanding. Never had any issue. They own their work and will make sure that the job is done exactly how it was planned."

- Leading Space Technology Customer

Quality is the top priority at Silitronics and we constantly improve
our processes to be the best in the industry.

Quality Certifications

ISO 13485:2016
ISO 9001:2015
ISO/IEC 17021 Laboratory
Mil Std 883
Mil Std 38534

IP Protection

All layout and assembly development in-house Clean Room 10K in San Jose, CA, USA


On-time delivery, 90%+ Yield, Proactive Communication, First time Right for NPI Assembly


Die Shear, Ball Shear, Wire Pull, Fine/Gross Leak, X-ray, 3-D Laser Microscope

Customer Testimonials

Leading LiDAR Automotive Customer

“Please convey our sincere thanks and appreciation to your management and staff for the quality services you have rendered. We would like to acknowledge your timely deliveries and attention to detail. These characteristics of your team have enabled our rapid development of highly technical and challenging SiP assemblies. Thanks to your team of professional, we have produced a number of first-run SiP LiDAR assemblies which have performed with 100% functionality. We still have many new projects which will require the same level of technical insight and error free execution you have achieved in the last 18 months of our association. We look forward to a mutually beneficial business relationship in the coming months, and we commend you as one of our top SiP assembly suppliers.”

Richard Neumann – Co-Founder / CEO SUB2r

New Camera Debut, 4K, Live Streaming, Gaming

“SUB2r had an aggressive time line that would take a highly complex technology from white board to production prototypes in the 110 days we had leading up to NAB Las Vegas 2021. This means that every partner in the process had to run at an accelerated pace. The project consists of 3 boards. On the first 2, Silitronics came in under the schedule – putting us slightly ahead of schedule. Their attention to details and quality of their work is exceptional.

We are beginning work on the main motherboard and our expectation is Silitronics will again beat the schedule. When the success of your company is based on a very critical execution of every piece, where everything must work the first time, you need to have a partner like Silitronics who you can be confident that they will perform.

At SUB2r we make a clear distinction between a vendor/supplier and a partner. Only a partner is invested in your success. As we ramp up, Silitronics will continue to our partner for NPI builds and High Volume as well.”

Leading Defense Space Customer

“Very pleased with your services and have (will) recommend it to anyone. Good businesses such as Silitronics deserve appreciation.

  • a- On Time Delivery: Always on time, most of the time ahead of the promised date.
  • b- Quality: Excellent, their services (SMT PCBA, Wire Bonding, Die Attach, Flip-Chip, Handling 50um thin MMIC die, etc.) is clearly outstanding. Never had any issue. They own their work and will make sure that the job is done exactly how it was planned.
  • c- Communication: Fantastic. Always reply within 48 hours. Most of the time the same day and within a few hours. Communicate issues quickly, and not hesitant to ask questions if something is not clear. They also communicate any technical challenges and possible solutions clearly and in a timely manner.
  • d- Overall: Silitronics is interested in the customer’s project. They usually provides valuable feedback and try their best to have the optimal solution. Finally, their staff are brilliant with great attitude, customer friendly, and knowledgeable.”

Leading 5G and RF Product Customer

“We are greatly appreciative of Silitronics’ demonstrated support during Kncade Wildfires and assuring supply during COVID global pandemic constraints. Silitronics responds, within 24 hours, to all inquiries in a complete and timely manner. For last one year, almost all lots were conforming to 95% Vendor Yield and 955+ Incoming Inspection Yield, only exception was a lot slightly under 95% (94.5%). We value our long-term relationship and on-going support of our complex IC Package requirements from Silitronics. Your skill at assembling a wide variety of complex parts has made our job easier and contributed to our success. You have been very flexible and responsive to our needs and your team is enjoyable to work with. We are looking forward to expanding this fruitful relationship.”

Leading Medical and MEMS Sensors Customer

“Outstanding support in new product development. Thanks for meeting and exceeding development time targets”

Leading FinTech Computing Customer

“The Flip Chip SiP board is fully proven. We are ready to build the remaining lot…………Well done! You won the race again……….. Yes, this production was clearly a success!!!.................. Dhiraj: I love the work you and your team did. You won the race by a large margin. The best way I can say thanks it to propose we do it again with another chip + another layout + full turn key assembly. Please join me……Once again, you were the first to deliver. Well done."

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