"Silitronics deserve appreciation. Very pleased with your services and have (will) recommend it to anyone!"
"Team is brilliant with great attitude, customer friendly, and knowledgeable!"

- Top notch Space Technology Customer

Silitronics provides custom layout and assembly services by co-working with customers to understand their product specification and then develop appropriate solutions. If necessary, feasibility studies are carried out to compare layout options and assess risks in achieving First Time Right.

All Silitronics associates are well trained in every aspect of layout, assembly processes and committed to provide quality services.. Silitronics team has the commitment and attitude to do “what it takes” to exceed customer expectations, including weekend support, in all aspects of service.

  • 5-2-5 Build Up, 60x60mm
  • 15/15 Std, 10/10 Eng
  • Silicon and Glass
  • HDI, ELIC, Flex, Rogers, Flex
  • 10L Ceramic, 3”x3”
  • 25/25 Std, 12/12 in Dev
  • Netlist, Schematic
  • Electrical layout
  • Layout
  • SI/PI Modelling
  • Thermal and TEC
  • Mixed Signals
  • +/- 0.5um placement
  • 3500+ bumps Flip Chip
  • 3770 Wire Bonds/SiP
  • 9 chips per SiP Module
  • SMT, PCBA Board Level
  • Clean Room 1K & 10K
  • Test Development
  • Wafer Sort
  • Final Test
  • Probe Card
  • Sockets
  • Open-Short for NPIs

Our Services
Layout, Process Development and Assembly

Silitronics offers value added layout and assembly services from concept to NPI to high volume production. We are committed to help our customers with their entire package development as a turnkey project or assist in any of the layout stages such as netlist creation, layout, SI/PI and thermal analysis including fabrication of the build up multi-layer HDI and Ceramic boards.

One of our key differentiated services is assembly process development. Many of the NPI package assemblies which Silitronics does are so advanced that there is no precedence and does not fit in a standard assembly template. Often the layout rules have to be pushed beyond their limits. This requires development of test vehicles, identification of right material sets, careful process control, monitoring of assembly parameters through well crafted layout and even investments in new equipment. Silitronics has 100+ man years of R&D experience, in this assembly process development, to take NPI packages to high volume production.

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